Christmas on the Seychelles

We went to the Seychelles for a three week adventure over the Christmas period. Arrived on Mahe Island on the 17th December and stayed for a couple of days near the Capital Victoria at a place called Mountain View.  Discovered a wonderful beach called Anse Royal on the south east coast. The election was on when we were there. The winners were The Peoples Party run by James Michel. Lots of celebrators in red were on the streets of Mahe in their vehicles.


Mahe Island


On the 20th we caught the Coco Catamaran to Praslin Island where we would spend Christmas at Helaconia. A lovely spacious villa on the Cote D’O Beach at Anse Volbert on the North coast. It feels more relaxed here than Mahe. There are a few local restaurants we enjoyed visiting especially Les Laurier which does a wonderful buffet dinner with Barbecued fish and meats. We treated ourselves to a Christmas Eve meal here.  The village has some small shops where we could buy some supplies for Christmas day. Even found a Christmas pudding to our delight. Christmas day was wonderful and different but we did miss our family and friends so far away.  We hired some bikes and investigated the north coast as far as Anse Lazio. Such lovely beaches along the way. We encountered some very steep roads that we had to push our bikes along for a bit. We also did a boat trip during our stay  to Felicite, Coco and Sisters Island and did some snorkelling which was amazing. I was out of my depth and as I am not a confident swimmer  I wore a life jacket and held tightly to a life ring. It was amazing what I saw. Lots of amazing coloured fish.


Praslin Island



We left Praslin on the 29th December by ferry to go to La Digue Island.  Now this is the most relaxed place I have been to. No cars only shuttle vehicles on the roads ferrying people between the hotels and the port. We were ferried to La Digue Island Lodge right by the beach on the West coast at Anse La Réunion. Lovely looking thatched rooms. I almost though I was back in Suffolk. So bicycles are the mode of transport apart from the odd Ox cart. Quite dangerous on an evening as none of the bikes have lights.  We managed to cycle right around the Island and on two occasions woke early to cycle to Grand Anse on the east coast. An amazing experience to watch the sunrise. Only local people were about that time of day which was nice. We saw lots of gorgeous sights on this Island including turtles swimming in their natural environment. The beaches on La Digue are jaw dropping and the water so aqua clear. This is my favourite of the three Islands we stayed on. They know how to party and welcome in the New Year.  They put on a brilliant street party with Reggae and ska music. Dancing with fire and bike stunts. Such a memorable way to see in the New Year and they made us feel so welcome to be on the Island.


La Digue Island



We left La Digue on the 3rd January by ferry. The captain pointed out a dolphin swimming beside us. Magical moment.  We went back to Praslin for 5 days and stayed back at Helaconia. We left Praslin on the 8th January on the smallest plane ever which made me feel quite sick with it skipping about in the sky and we headed back to Mahe where we got our flight to La Réunion.



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